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suprisingly there was a study made comparing how public school students fared if taught in english and those taught in their native languages. thsoe who were taught in their native languages did better.

this is not indicative of the importance of english. but this means using english as the means of instruction is NOT effective. i repeat .. NOT effective ..

Gérard Méry

Vos N&B sont de grande qualité, dommage que je ne comprends tout le texte. à bientôt


wonderful toning and just some great, moving very innocent captures here...

Ashish Sidapara

Another great series here, i wish we had photography classes in school :(


does this mean they are offering Photography as a subject in high school? or was it coincidental that you were there when they're discussing photography and images. neat, Sidney!


Yes, it's sad that the educational system in our country is somehow deteriorating.

Thanks for sharing these great photos and information. It's nice how you get around and share different aspects in the lives of Filipinos. Keep it up.


hay naku, manila-paper style is so terrible. i wonder if the students actually learn anything by copying what's in the manila paper into their notebooks. in some places, copying takes the entire period. and teachers call it a "lesson."

i'm sure the students learned more from you as the speaker =)


It's a pity that education is at it's state in the Philippines, if budget/funds is just made available, I'm sure that teachers will have so much room to be creative in their teaching methods.

I have the same question, where you there as resource person? You must have been effective with your camera and pictures.

Also, thank you for doing what you can to create awarness about the poverty in the Philippines.


very nice serie Syd
i love it

Craig Wilson

Love the tones, excllent shots Sydney :)


did you take the photos from inside the classroom? coz' one student seems to be staring at your lens. perhaps you were a guest speaker for the chosen topic? :)

Sayote Queen

Love these shots! :) I have to agree with the other comments. Little is done to uplift/improve the educational system here in the Philippines.


I always wanted to teach photography in a public school, even if we shared one camera. I still want to.


I was wondering if there are any NGOs (Non Governmental Organizaitons) that help with education/schools in Phillipines. If there are such groups - it would be great if you can cover one or more and document their work as well!


the students were not conscious when you were taking the photos?


I doubt it if they are learning anything about photography... In the end they'll just memorize the definition and by the end of this quarter, they had already forgotten about it. Nobody learns from those Manila papers... with reporters reading their reporst that they themselves cannot understand.

We really need to have an increase in education budget.


as a photographer, did you get asked to get involved with this class - apart from documenting it that is? i like the stories that the last photo tells.


Fabulous pictures! I like b&w a lot, in case I failed to mention it before.

There's still hope for public education here. There are some public schools in the provinces that are improving their standards with help from NGOs, foreign companies, and local/foreign government agencies.

Mike Dougan

One thing I noticed in the Philippines is that everybody is taught "parrot" fashion so that come exam time all they have to do is remember the information they were given. Very little intelligence is required here to get obtain a degree.


This is so "you" Sidney, simply beautiful :).




Great sign. Fits what you're doing! Another great set of shots.


I love the photos! Beautiful, very.



awesome awesome work. thank you.


love the manila paper pics... used to do that in school a lot!

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